Feeling foolish !

Cecil in the US (presumably) sorted me out. The last time I posted on this site was in October 2015, since which time I have gotten married, had a reception (not in the same year !) and developed a career in radio, together with wife Mel.  My version of WordPress was wildly out of date !

My need for my website became urgent with my plan to become a market trader, starting this coming Friday (13th !).  Keeley Flint offered a course in Bolsover about becoming a market trader.  I interviewed her on radio (Elastic FM), asking how somebody like me, a counsellor, could work as a market trader. “You’ll have to wait, I’m counselling somebody round the back of the stall at the moment” ??  No, she said, anybody can have a stall, a bricklayer or a solicitor.  Then, I thought, people sell solar panels at supermarkets.  They don’t actually hand you a solar panel.  They sell a service.

So here we go.  Counselling and Life Coaching !  Starting with Making a Person Centred Plan.  I have one.  Mel has one (she’ll be there too, offering to help people make a plan.).

It’s another adventure !

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