Get a Person Centred Plan

Wellbeing.  Health and happiness.  It’s what we all wish for.  To have a life where everything is the best it can be.

But the different parts of life all interact.  You want to look after your family but you don’t have the money to do everything you want to for them.  Or health issues get in the way.  Or relationships with those who should be your nearest and dearest have gone a bit out of tune.  Or you’re not very sure what it is you really believe.

So our suggestion is that you sit down with somebody (we can do it !) and make a plan about what YOU want and how to make it happen.  We call it a Person Centred Plan  (you are that person !).  Of course things will change and it’ll need to be reviewed before too long.

Top of both our lists (Me ‘n’ Mel) at the start of the year was to sort out the ‘stuff’ that’s been filling our house for years.  De-cluttering.  It’s working !  I’m a bit of a hoarder but she’s asking pointed questions (“Do you actually use it ??”).  Academic papers, never read from 2009, are unlikely to be tackled soon.

So if you want to make a plan, use the template below.  We can help you move toward the life you really, really want.

pieChart_jpg 3

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