Going Shopping

When I go shopping I make a list of the things I want.  I don’t list the things I want to avoid (‘don’t get that hotpot with mushrooms in !).  I know that I may need to go into different shops to buy different things – I won’t get the new trainers I need when I go into the butcher’s.

Life’s a bit like that.  I’ve often been asked recently to explain what Life Coaching is.  It’s a bit like looking for the things you want in life and knowing how to get them.  Figure out what it is you want – not what you want to avoid.  And you know that you’ll need to look at different areas of your life to figure out the different things you need to make for a happy life.

My problem with making lists, either for shopping or To Do lists, is that I imagine, having made the list, much of the job is done.  I get to the shop and forget where I’ve put the list.  Or  I forget to go back to the To Do list and tick off what I’ve done and which jobs have yet to be completed.  The same list doesn’t last forever – I need to make a new list every time I go shopping or occasionally make a new list of things yet to be done.

Over the last few years much of my conversation about life planning has been with people described as having a learning disability.  But often they’re not allowed to ‘go shopping’, even though official guidance suggests they should each have a ‘person-centred plan’.

And it’s suggested goals should be ‘realistic’.  Why ?  I have a person centred plan, worked out this January – to be reviewed in about six months time at the latest. I hope my approach was: “If you don’t have a dream, how you going to have a dream come true ?”

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