Associate – Melanie O’Neil

Melanie O’Neil’s passions in life have, high on the list, personalisation and the use of Makaton to allow people who need help with communication so they can tell others about their wishes and dreams in life.

 For eighteen years she was, mostly, the sole carer for a son with autism and epilepsy. She networks extensively with like-minded workers and public figures in the field of Learning Disability. She believes that people with any kind of disability should play a full part in their local community. The ‘Ah, bless !’ approach to disability is one she avoids like the plague !

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  1. Nell Stockton says:

    My son is almost 10 years older than your son. My wife and I struggled to make sure he got fhe same life chances as someone without a disability which, as we live in a world with a default setting of exclusion rather than inclusion, requires great commitment and usually sacrifice. But…. he has been on holiday and visits to the USA three times alone now, graduated with a 1st from Sheffield Uni three weeks ago and is set to marry in October. So good luck and best wishes.

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