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Welcome to Resolutions. I’m George O’Neil and I deliver Life Coaching, Counselling and Training.

So why would somebody want to talk to a Life Coach or a Counsellor? And what’s the difference?

Sometimes we discover things in our lives we want to change. It may be there is a particular problem we want to solve, for example to do with family or relationships or work or health.

And since life doesn’t divide neatly into ‘bits’ – it’s all ‘my life’ – it isn’t always obvious which area of life is the source of the problem. For example, you may be drinking too much – but it isn’t necessarily a health issue. It may be to do with loneliness, or fear, or having a bad opinion of yourself.

So any conversation may need to range more widely than the presenting problem.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk things over with a stranger. Friends and family may be too close.

What’s the difference between Life Coaching and Counselling ? It’s not always very obvious but for me, broadly, somebody comes for counselling when they are faced with a particular problem . Life Coaching is more that they want to develop different areas of their life – to make their dreams come true. In both cases, while recognising that problems do exist in life, it’s often more motivating to work on what you want rather than what you don’t want ! Many of the recognised  approaches to counselling focus also on solutions rather than just self-examination

Take a look at what’s on offer – details on this page.

And try the checklist and see if you’d like us to work together to make your life different and better.

Or maybe you’d like to join a Resolutions personal development group and spend a couple of hours working out what your future could look like.



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