XXXXX’s Person Centred Plan – Jan 15


Where do you call home ? Is there anything you’d like to change about it ? Décor ? Layout ? Repairs ? Outdoors ? Relations with neighbours ?

My Way
Who makes choices in your life, you or others ? What restricts you ? What would you do if you won the lottery ? What are you interested in ? Is how you look important to you ?

Do you have any health problems ? What you need to do to be healthy and happy ?

What do you do to relax ? How do you ‘switch off’? What makes you laugh ? What do you worry about ?

Who are your friends ? When do you meet with them ?

Do you do paid work, voluntary or unpaid work ? How would you like that to develop ?

Who are you close to ? Who do you want to meet with ?

Do you manage your money well ? Who makes decisions about your money ? Are there any changes you need to make about your money ?

What’s it all about ?
What are your most important beliefs ? Are you happy or sad about your life ?

Love and Romance.
Are you close to somebody ? Do you want to be physically close to somebody in your life ?


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